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I’m always on the lookout for new trails I haven’t heard of yet. Just recently I stumbled across a gem called the SENECA TRAIL running 12 miles, one-way, all on trail just southeast of Rochester… How had I missed this? So, last weekend (Saturday, August 11th) I filled up my hydration day pack and went … Continue reading

READY FOR #SEHGAHUNDA! #trail #marathon

This coming Saturday is the annual SEHGAHUNDA TRAIL MARATHON and I can honestly say I haven’t been so excited for an event in a long time! Training has been solid, distance isn’t crazy compared to other things I’ve been doing, the route is familiar, and “the pain cave” and I know each other better now … Continue reading

NISSAN LEAF TEASER @hoselton @nissanleaf #green

The fine folks over at Hoselton asked if I’d be interested in testing out one of the new Nissan Leaf’s… um, yes! Drove it around for the last 24 hours and I was really, really impressed! I’ll be running my review next week, but here’s a quick teaser.


As I begin to train less for traditional races and more for adventures, the realities of fatigue start to set in. For a race, you train so that you’re as fresh as possible for race day, minimizing fatigue and ready to go. And than after the race you taper down to make sure your body … Continue reading

WELCOME, WINTER! #cold #mtb

Winter is here… finally – I’m not sure why, but I LIVE for training in this stuff! Yet another confirmation of my mental abnormality I’m sure. Quick clip from yesterday morning’s little 10 mile jaunt on the mountain bike in single digit wind chills…


I recently read about “the toughest trail in the Northeast” – the aptly named “Devil’s Trail” in the Catskills of NY. Naturally, I was immediately intrigued. And, naturally, upon hearing about its 14,000 vertical feet packed into 19 miles of trail, I’ve decided that it’d make one heckuva trail run. Perhaps even an out and … Continue reading