Well, it’s been a few days since successfully completing my first ultra. Obviously, I’ve been layin’ low. Wasn’t sure how my body would react since a 40 mile trail run is twice the distance I’ve put my body through before, but so far, so good! Am I hooked on ultras now? Um, very, very much!

My muscles and tendons were definitely tight and sore for the first 2 days after. However, although tired, they’re feeling fine now and I’m back to my fast clip of a walk that gets me around town. My immune system, however, has definitely been down – as I expected it would – and that’s made things fun. So, getting as much rest as one can get with 3 young kids along with lots of fruit, veg, plant-based proteins, and water. This whole journey has been a fascinating learning curve in sports physiology for me.

I’ll start doing some light swimming/hiking/mountain biking within the next few days for active recovery and will then dive back into training after Thanksgiving. All-in-all I’m pretty satisfied with how my body has recovered!

Reflections? I had fun through about mile 35 of my run. After that was… um, not as fun. But I’m definitely hooked on this ultra thing. I think that the trail marathon / 50k distance is something I’m gonna get hooked on. As demented as it sounds, those will become “fun” distances for me. Still definitely have a 50 miler (this coming February) and a 100 mile trail ultra on my radar. The thing I’ve left Saturday’s experience with is to keep pushing myself when training to get faster. I was happy completing Saturday’s solo ultra with the time I had considering the terrain and the fact that I was running with a hydration pack. But I’d like to get to the place where I can knock these things out at a 10 or 12 minute/mile pace.

What’s next? Rest, training, and than tackling the Crescent Trail again in January… in the snow. 55k. Solo. Should be fun!

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